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Hard-Copy Editing

Hard Copy Editing When we edit your printed manuscript (hard-copy editing), we use red ink and give your manuscript a complete line edit, which means we repair errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, clarity, and compliance with Chicago Style, plus we may make suggestions on how to strengthen the writing and make it even more creative or compelling. In addition, you receive a printed evaluation that explains all our changes and suggested changes, and it addresses elements that may aid in marketability. The evaluation is like a road map to take your manuscript to the highest level it can go.

For fiction, those elements include characterization; dialogue; point of view; creative issues; beginning, middle, and end; plot; and other issues, including marketability.

For nonfiction, the elements include organization, pacing, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and other issues, including marketability.

People who choose hard-copy editing are eager to improve their books as much as possible, learn from the experience, and apply what they have learned to future books. They like total control over all changes to their manuscripts, or they have an assistant who will make the changes to the electronic file. Some people find added peace of mind in the fact that we do not duplicate or keep copies of printed manuscripts.

For hard-copy editing the manuscript must be in standard manuscript format, printed, and mailed. Standard manuscript format consists of 12-point Courier type, double-spaced, with margins of at least an inch on all sides. This format is standard for manuscript submissions to agents, editors, and publishers. Print out your properly formatted manuscript and ship it to us.

Hard-Copy Editing Cost: $8.95 per standard manuscript page (12-point Courier or Times New Roman type, double-spaced, with at least an inch margin on all sides) plus shipping and handling*

Shipping and handling charges
Up to 200 pages - $12.00
201-400 pages - $14.00
401 pages and up - $16.00

If you are ready to send your manuscript in hard copy, click on Editing Request and follow the prompts. As soon as we receive payment, we let you know an estimated turnaround date.

For all U.S. deliveries, we return manuscripts by Priority Mail with Tracking, and send the US Post Office e-mails you a tracking number, so you can track and confirm delivery. If you live outside the United States, we ship in the manner that is best for getting valuable packages to your country.

Do not send pre-paid return postage, because you will be unable to estimate the weight and size of the evaluation that will accompany the manuscript.

Advantages of hard-copy editing

Drawbacks of hard-copy editing Despite these disadvantages, many of our clients prefer our hard-copy editing services, because with hard-copy editing, writers maintain complete control over their manuscripts and also learn much more about their own writing style and how to make it the best it can be. If you would like to reduce the disadvantages, however, you may choose hybrid editing, which gives you the advantages of electronic editing and includes a full report, the same as you would get for hard-copy editing. Click here to learn about hybrid editing.

We can even print it out for you, if you wish

We offer a printout service, too. You can send us your manuscript as a Microsoft Word file in SMF and we will print it out. You won't have to bother to package or mail your manuscript and will save on shipping costs to us, but you will have to pay 15 cents a page for us to print it out. The Editing Request Form does not have a line for this additional service, so be sure to add it in and include that amount with the payment. You still have to pay the return shipping and handling, but sending us the electronic file may save you a few days as well as keep you from having to find a shipping box and go to the post office to ship the manuscript. If you choose to use this service, send us the file electronically with an e-mail explaining that you want to pay for us to print it out for a hard-copy edit. You then have the choice of printing out the hard-copy Editing Request Form and mailing it with your check or using the electronic-copy Editing Request Form and paying by PayPal or by calling us with your credit card information.

If you are ready to send your manuscript in hard copy, click on Editing Request and follow the prompts. As soon as we receive payment, we let you know an estimated turnaround date.

*$100 minimum per submission.

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