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Electronic-File Editing

Electronic File Editing How it works:

You e-mail us your Microsoft Word or Mac Pages file, and we line edit the electronic file to repair errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or noncompliance with Chicago Style. We use Track Changes, so you clearly see all the changes we made. We return two files. One shows all the changes in red; the other is a clean copy with all the changes accepted and is immediately usable, if you wish. We may also send a comments file that covers anything we find that only the author can address.

Electronic editing is especially helpful for business publications, e-books, brochure copy, reports, technical writing, periodicals, and other nonfiction. All the editing is done by human beings with eyes, brains, and heart. We make the meaning clear and ensure the technical details are correct.

Advantages of electronic editing

Drawbacks of electronic editing Despite these disadvantages, an increasing number of our clients, including publishers and individuals, are opting to choose electronic editing because of its ease and time savings.

All work is prepaid. Send your Word or Pages file to or and then either mail your check or money order, call Zebra Communications at 770-924-0528 with credit card information, or pay through Be sure to send us a copy of the Editing Request Form so we will know what level of service you want and how to contact you.

People who use electronic editing simply want errors repaired, with no suggestions for improvement.

The price for editing an electronic file is 5¢ ($.05) a word based on the Microsoft Word or Mac Pages word count. ($100 minimum per submission) There are no shipping and handling fees.

As soon as we receive payment, we let you know an estimated turnaround date.

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