Purge Your Prose of Problems:
A Book Doctor's Desk Reference

New! Fifth Edition

More than 700 editing issues resolved in one easy-to-use reference book

by Bobbie Christmas, book doctor

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Purge Your Prose of Problems -- A Book Doctor's Desk Reference, by Bobbie Christmas

Warning: Don't Buy This Book!

I'm an editor, so I'd rather you pay me thousands of dollars to edit your book than to pay me only $29.95 for all my editing secrets. I beg of you, don't buy this book!

bobbie You can see why I don't want you to buy this book. With this book you can

Of course I don't want you to know all my secrets, tips, and insider information, but if you insist, here it is, the fifth edition of my best-kept secret, Purge Your Prose of Problems.

This one reference manual combines the most important information on creative writing and editing books. It's a must for all serious fiction and nonfiction writers and for anyone who wants to learn how to edit books.

Creative Writing Tips * Grammar * Punctuation * Chicago Style * AP Style * Format

Before you finish the final draft of your manuscript, you simply must have the one resource book that answers almost every question on editing your manuscript, literally from A to Z.

"This is one of the best writing manuals I have ever acquired, and I regularly recommend it to both novice and seasoned writers. My own copy looks like a case of Post-It notes exploded on it. Thank you for sharing your vast wealth of experience with us in this wonderful work!"
--Sandra J. Cropsey
C Works, LLC
P.O. Box 1006
Griffin, GA 30224

"I always keep Write In Style and Purge Your Prose of Problems near my desk for reference, right beside my copy of The Elements of Style.
-- Raymond Fast

"I followed your directions [for changing the two spaces after every period into one space after every period], and it worked perfectly!! Thank you so much!! You just saved me the painstaking job of going through every sentence in my 125-page manuscript!"
-- Helene Cho, synergyconsulting@msn.com

"By learning why my word choices work or don't, I have become a better writer. So, thank you. Your book would still be a bargain at twice the price!"
-- Carol

"I have a critique partner who sends me chapters of her novel. I keep your book, Purge Your Prose of Problems at hand and it serves me well!"
--Susan Logan

"I just received your Purge Your Prose of Problems. What a treasure it is! Thank you so much"
-- Alfred Sandstrom

The spiral-bound book lies flat, so you won't lose your place when you put it in front of your computer.

As a PDF/e-book, you can search the file electronically to find any subject you want, quickly and easily.

Pay an editor thousands of dollars, spend hundreds on reference books, and you still won't learn all the valuable lessons crammed into these pages.

Printed Book

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printed book


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